Desiree Ahrens, MA, IBCLC, ICPFE, CHWC

Certified Perinatal Fitness Instructor
Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Rochester, MN
(612) 802-6102
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My motto is #grayparenting: being okay in a culture of extremes. I have made it my goal to provide women with accurate information to help them make decisions once baby arrives and to be okay with their decisions. Follow me on my website to receive tons of free information on breastfeeding and mindset work to becoming a new mom. I live with my 3 kids and husband in Rochester. I am available for in person and virtual lactation consultations.

KatieAnn McKey, Birth Doula, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Certified Lactation Consultant, RN
Harmonious Momma

ellenEllen Saj, Bradley® Method Childbirth Instructor
(612) 730-8845


Ellen is a certified Bradley Method® educator  in Rochester, MN and has had two beautiful natural births. She and her husband found The Bradley Method® when they were expecting their first baby. After taking the classes together, they had a homebirth and welcomed their son without any interventions.  Ellen found birth be the most empowering and amazing experience of her life. Their second baby was born two years later, also naturally at home It was then that she knew she had to teach and help other expectant moms and dads have similar experiences.

The Bradley Method® teaches natural childbirth and views birth as a natural process. It is the belief that most women with proper education, preparation, and the help of a loving and supportive coach can be taught to give birth naturally. The Bradley Method® is a system of natural labor techniques in which a woman and her coach play an active part. It is a simple method of increasing self-awareness, teaching a woman how to deal with the stress of labor by tuning in to her own body. The Bradley Method® encourages mothers to trust their bodies using natural breathing, relaxation, nutrition, exercise, and education.